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Getting Things Done By Compromising

One thing local residents had to give thanks for yesterday is the fact that politics in our area has not degenerated into the personal, counterproductive animosity seen in many other places.

This week, Wheeling City Council approved changes in traffic and parking rules for the neighborhood in which Woodsdale Elementary School is located. It was the culmination of a months-long process of attempting to make school dismissal time safer and more efficient for students.

But not everyone agreed with the initial plan. Still, as Councilwoman Wendy Scatterday noted this week, by “collaborating on a multi-faceted solution,” school officials, parents, people in the neighborhood and Wheeling police came up with something workable.

Contrast that with the bickering that so often results in governmental gridlock in Washington. We can be thankful that here, we can agree to disagree — then find compromises.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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