Safeguarding The Elderly in W.Va.

One should take those national ranking stories with more than one grain of salt. Too often they are based on quick looks at statistics, not in-depth examinations needed to tell a story accurately.

Still, a new report from the WalletHub organization is interesting. It looks at how well states protect elderly residents against abuse.

West Virginia is ranked the 10th-best in the nation in that regard. In two sub-categories — laws to protect the elderly against financial abuse and frequency of inspections of assisted-living facilities — we are No. 1.

State legislators and agencies involved in protecting older West Virginians can give themselves a pat on the back then — but not too vigorously.

Again, reports such as the WalletHub study can be misleading. And we know some elderly men and women are abused — not infrequently by trusted relatives.

So continuing vigilance needs to be the philosophy on this one. Men and women older than 65 years (WalletHub’s definition of elderly) built our state. We owe them much — certainly a reasonable amount of security as they grow older.


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