We Need the Money Right Here at Home

Three members of the House of Delegates — none from the Northern Panhandle, we are pleased to note — are suggesting an idea that falls squarely into the category of hare-brained.

Delegates Caleb Hanna, R-Webster; Carl Martin, R-Upshur; and Patrick Martin, R-Lewis, are preparing a bill that would send $10 million in state funds to Washington to help build “the wall.”

Yes, that wall. The one intended to help curb illegal immigration across the nation’s southern border.

Many West Virginians support President Donald Trump and probably, by extension, his demand for funding to finish the barrier against illegal immigrants. But that isn’t the point.

We need every dime we can raise to address pressing needs right here at home.

We have no idea what prompted Martin, Martin and Hanna to suggest sending $10 million of our hard-earned money to Washington — but it is a bad idea. The federal government already takes plenty out of our pockets.


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