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Proving the EPA Can Be Relied Upon

With some local residents expressing concern about the ethane cracker plant that may be built in Belmont County, it is important that government regulatory agencies ensure there is reason to have faith they will enforce environmental rules.

A U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announcement last week may help in that regard.

EPA officials said they are investigating whether a chemical manufacturer, the Chemours Co., broke laws in two West Virginia communities and one in North Carolina. The Mountain State concern involves alleged contamination of water wells around Chemours factories near Parkersburg and Fayetteville. In North Carolina, the firm allegedly failed to notify the EPA before beginning to manufacture new compounds.

If Chemours is guilty of infractions, the firm should be penalized, of course. Such action would give area residents more confidence the government will act aggressively to protect both the environment and public health.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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