Curbing Speeders On Weirton Street

Weirton Traffic Commission Chairman Romie Castelli is right in his approach to a complaint about speeding on a section of South 13th Street. Stepped-up patrols by police and possibly installation of new stop signs are preferable to placing “rumble strips” on the street.

During their meeting last week, commission members received a request from city Councilman Enzo Fracasso that rumble strips be placed on South 13th Street, between Summers and Wetzel streets. Fracasso explained a resident of the area had complained about speeding vehicles.

That always is a concern in residential areas, especially where children are present. Why some drivers seem to feel a need for speed in such areas is beyond us.

Castelli, noting the street in question is open to one-way traffic only, added he believes much of the traffic on it is drivers going to Weir High and Weir Middle schools. That should be less of a problem during the summer months.

Granting one request for rumble strips could bring a flood of them, Commissioner Dave Guglielmo said in agreeing the Castelli that other speed control measures should be tried first.

Using rumble strips and/or speed bumps to slow vehicle traffic involves a cost for installation and maintenance. Another concern is that raising the pavement makes it difficult for snow plow drivers to negotiate streets, and to keep them clear of snow and ice.

New stop signs and more frequent than normal patrols by police — now and after school starts later this summer — ought to be the initial response to speeders on the street. If that does not work, rumble strips or speed bumps can be considered at a later date.


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