Get Infrastructure Funding for W.Va.

Gov. Jim Justice expects West Virginia will benefit from an enormous federal infrastructure initiative “like you can’t imagine.” Let us hope so, because we don’t have to imagine the need for infrastructure funding in our state. It is daunting.

Trump is proposing a $2 trillion federal expenditure on infrastructure, with focus on highways, bridges, railroads and broadband access. Reportedly, Democrat leaders in Congress are ready to go along with him. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-New York, even cited much “good will” in a meeting on the subject. Should the White House and Capitol Hill come to agreement on providing money for the purpose, expect a scramble among states to grab the largest chunks of the cash they can get.

West Virginia may have an edge in that because of the governor’s personal relationship with Trump and the effectiveness of our delegation in Congress. Certainly, need will be a factor. The Mountain State’s terrain and weather conditions play havoc with our highways.

Even if doled out on a per capita basis, the amount of money Trump envisions could pump nearly $11 billion into our state. But we could put far more to very good use.

If state officials have not already begun to craft a strategic plan to get as much of the money as possible, they should do so.


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