Saving St. John Grade School, Too

Bigger is not always better in education, especially when it comes to elementary-level students. Smaller neighborhood and community schools have proven their worth for many generations.

It is unfortunate, then, that the Roman Catholic Diocese of Steubenville has made the decision to close St. John Grade School in Bellaire. Financial challenges and low enrollment were cited as the reason.

Earlier this year, the diocese also decided to close St. John Central High School. A group of concerned alumni and others have come up with a plan to reopen it privately, as St. John Academy.

Can the same thing be done at the grade school level? That could prove difficult, especially in view of the fact that those behind the high school-level academy already have tapped some of the potential financial support for such endeavors.

Is attempting to save St. John Grade School worth consideration, however?

Yes. Keeping the school open simply may not prove to be feasible. But no one will ever know unless some effort is made. It’s worth a try.


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