St. John Rebirth A Chance to Shine

Just a few months after the Roman Catholic Diocese of Steubenville announced St. John Central High School in Bellaire would be closed, it has been reborn. That is excellent news for many reasons.

A group of the school’s alumni refused to let St. John die. So they rallied to find the financial support to reopen it as St. John Academy, a private school for students in grades 9-12.

One reason the rebirth is significant is that St. John begins life with an enrollment of 50-55 students, and high hopes to increase that.

The school’s resources are limited. Yet it must meet certain state standards for instructional quality. To be attractive to students and parents, it will have to exceed state minimums — and that will make it an education laboratory of interest throughout our area.

Good for all involved in keeping St. John alive. We look forward eagerly to faculty, students and parents demonstrating what can be accomplished at a small, private school.


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