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Editor, News-Register:

With all the corruption we read about in the news paper or watch on our daily television news networks it begs the question .. Who do we serve?

We seemed to have lost all control of government. Throughout society our moral norms seems upside down and backwards. What has gone haywire to have allowed the decay we are experiencing? It seems to be rooted in two of our most influential institutions … Christianity and Education. To be sure these problems belong squarely on our shoulders however not because we intentionally sought this direction for our country but because we were ignorant of the basic principals of civics and how it applies our Constitution and Scripture.

The majority of our Nation’s population is comprised of those from a Christian background, either in how we were raised or what rubbed off on us from our culture. Society’s rules and laws are based on principals of that moral value system. One predominate principal broadly understood is to “Love our neighbor as ourselves.” It is instilled in us from childhood and reminds us we have a responsibility to be civil toward one another no matter the circumstance. Even if you were not raised in a home where religion was practiced the culture sought to be mindful of this basic Christian principal.

As a loving caring “polite” society we are expected to give honor and obedience to those in government responsible to represent us as it was, and is God who gives them their place in authority. Romans 13 seems very clear on this point. The Constitution establishes that WE THE PEOPLE (as a collective body) are to be in authority over our government not the other way around as it is today. Our Constitution is emphatically clear on this but we fail the recognize God is accredited for the inspiration of this essential document. God appointed US first in authority over our government thereby the perceived conflict Christians have with Romans 13 is not justified with our governments ungodly actions.

Many in government today seek to prosper from their duty as our representative rather than serve those who elected them. We are to seek God and His will first rather than to serve our own sinful pride in seeking a position of authority. A lifeguard takes an elevated position on the beach to better serve the swimmers; good parents exercise authority over our children because we know they need it; the good boss in a business tells the employees what to do so that the business will prosper and everyone will keep eating,

Our educational systems has intentionally eliminated true CIVICS from our classrooms. Today’s society has barely a wisp of knowledge of historical civics, or the founding document which is the Supreme Law of our country .. the Constitution. While this lack of knowledge can not be directly accredited to our educators we do each share a responsibility to speak out and make corrections as we recognize errors in the systems we work just like any parent would jump to the rescue if we saw that our toddler was headed for the street … we take control.

There is however Great Hope! There is an organization off and running to “take the bull by the horns” and bring this runaway government back in line with our Founding Fathers principals of our Constitution. No Article V convention necessary (convention of states and constitutional convention being one in the same, both actions under one authority) which could be a treacherous mistake to our freedoms. And it all can be done through an amendment to the Bill of Rights that remains on the books today, ever since 1787.

That organization is called TACTICAL CIVICS. It has been researched for over 10 years by historical scholars and legal professionals who are convinced there is no stopping this simple yet effective plan. Under ratification of this plan WE THE PEOPLE can bring government back in line and return the freedoms we once shared in an earlier America.

We need to insist our employees in government ‘toe the line’ in order for our society that nurtures and protects us all will begin to work properly as originally designed. Under TACTICAL CIVICS.ORG. plan of action government shall once again be brought back under Gods divine rule by WE THE PEOPLE.

Join a local Chapter today and get involved in fixing America at TACTICAL CIVICS.ORG on the web or on facebook we need your support to be added to our numbers.

Sam Elson

Glen Dale


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