Your Vote Makes Difference Locally

Declining interest in local government is on display all too frequently in low voter turnout for municipal and county elections and referendums. Failing to go to the polls can make an enormous difference in such situations.

A municipal primary election was held in Martins Ferry on Tuesday. Just one race, for the Democrat nomination for Fourth Ward City Council, was on the ballot. Incumbent Councilman Rick Rodgers faced challenger Larry Deaton.

Each of them received 24 votes, according to unofficial returns.

That could change if more absentee ballots are received in the mail. But for now, the race is a tie. If it remains that way, the Board of Elections will have to resolve the matter, perhaps through a coin flip.

That’s a heck of a way to have to pick a nominee — who probably will win in the general election.

Just one more person going to the polls for either candidate would have given him a win.

One missing vote. Yours?

Your vote really does make a difference.


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