Bringing Ormet Site Back to Life

Fortunately, the site of the old Ormet Aluminum plant at Hannibal never was abandoned entirely. Since the facility closed in 2013, there has been some activity on the property continuously.

Now, the site may be in the initial stage of an industrial rebirth.

A few days ago, ground-breaking ceremonies were held for a new gas-fired power plant on the old Ormet property. It is being built by Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure, a global company that bought the land and remaining buildings in 2017, renaming it the Long Ridge Energy Terminal.

It is expected the new 485-megawatt power plant will be completed within two and a half years. It was described by Long Ridge Energy Terminal President Robert Wholey as “just the first step, the first redevelopment of 25 acres of the 1,600 here.”

Reasonably priced electricity is attractive to many types of manufacturers. Installation of the generating station should pave the way for bringing new job creators to East Ohio and the Northern Panhandle.

In contrast to some so-called “alternative” energy sources, electricity from gas is reliable and relatively inexpensive. In many ways, it is our region’s best bet to rebuild our economy and reverse years of population declines.


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