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Gee Obvious Choice To Remain at WVU

West Virginia University has never been more important to our state. It follows, then, that having the best person available at the helm of WVU is vital.

Fortunately, that person, WVU President E. Gordon Gee, is in place. Last week, the WVU Board of Governors agreed to extend his contract through 2024. It had been scheduled to end in 2021.

WVU is bigger and better than ever — new and improved, one might say. Academically, it is providing critical service in a state when the education attainment rate is the lowest in the nation. In research, WVU is nationally recognized. WVU Medicine has become the largest, most capable health care provider in the state.

All this is being accomplished economically. Next year’s $1.1 billion budget for the university includes a $15 million reduction in line items for salaries, benefits and supplies.

Gee’s strong, thoughtful leadership already is paying off. Ensuring he remains at WVU will pay off in many ways for each and every West Virginian.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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