Build Corridor H To I-81 in Virginia

Making West Virginia’s mountain playground more accessible to tourists from the East Coast would be an enormous boon to our state.

Both our U.S. senators — Republican Shelley Moore Capito and Democrat Joe Manchin– referred to that this week, during a visit to the Canaan Valley Wildlife Refuge in Tucker County. The two, along with U.S. Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt, were there to inspect work on a new visitors center for the refuge.

Construction of most of Corridor H in northeastern West Virginia already has made the state easier to reach for many travelers, as Manchin and Capito noted. The sooner the highway is completed, the better. One critical section, taking Corridor H to the Virginia border, is set for construction in 2027.

But as matters stand, construction will stop short of the originally intended eastern terminus with Interstate 81 in the Shenandoah Valley. Virginia officials seem uninterested in the project.

Here’s hoping both West Virginia and federal officials can convince those in Richmond to change their minds. Corridor H was intended to be a link between West Virginia and the eastern United States. As it stands, the highway falls short of that.


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