‘Move Over’ Laws Just Common Sense

Common sense suggests that if you are driving and notice an emergency vehicle with warning lights flashing by the side of the road, you should proceed cautiously. If on a four-lane highway, pulling over to the left lane is a good idea.

It also is the law in every state.

State Police in West Virginia and Highway Patrol troopers in Ohio are part of a six-state enforcement and education campaign regarding “move over” laws. It continues until this weekend.

“Move over” laws are not unreasonable. When conditions, perhaps because of traffic or the weather, are hazardous, pulling into the left lane is not required. Slowing down and driving with caution are mandated.

Every year, a few first responders at breakdown or accident scenes are injured or killed in accidents. “Move over” laws are meant to prevent such tragedies.

Taking reasonable measures to safeguard first responders is no more than common decency — and common sense that could save a life.


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