Savings Important To Project’s Future

Just weeks ago, Ohio County Board of Education members got good news: Work to improve Bridge Street Middle School probably will be completed for about $500,000 under budget. This week, they found a very good use for part of the money.

It seems a project to make restrooms at Triadelphia Middle School accessible to physically challenged students will cost more than had been planned.

General improvements to the facilities seem to be desirable, perhaps saving money in the long run.

During the course of the school system’s $76 million improvement project, similar situations — both savings and unexpected needs –will occur. Count on it.

School officials should do all in their power, then, to keep project costs under control — and below initial estimates. As anyone who has undertaken home improvements of any magnitude can testify, pleasant surprises tend to be much rarer than unforeseen expenses. Guarding against them is prudent.


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