Serving, Protecting Even at Great Risk

A Benwood man may be alive today because local police officers risked their lives to save him. At a time when attention often seems focused on alleged misdeeds by law enforcement personnel, it behooves the public to consider the heroism so many display.

As we reported, the Benwood man was standing on the porch of his home, which was on fire, when police arrived Sunday. Reportedly, he told officers he wanted them to kill him.

Then he began stabbing himself with a knife, according to police.

Benwood Police Officer Peter Barton and McMechen Police Chief Don Dewitt wrestled the knife away from the man, who, at last report, was in intensive care at a hospital.

Think about what DeWitt and Barton did. Knowing they could have been hurt badly themselves, they grappled with the man, took his knife — and may have saved his life. How many of us would react that selflessly?

Just serving and protecting — or heroes?

You decide.


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