Convincing Good People To Be Cops

Just 10 people have signed up to take the examination for entry-level jobs with the Steubenville Police Department.

“We’re short of people, we’re short of patrolmen,” Civil Service Commission President Dolores Wiggins noted.

Why is that? One reason may be the economy. Many potential applicants may seek higher-paying jobs with less stress.

One wonders what effect the drumbeat of condemnations of those in law enforcement has. Why would anyone want to enter a profession so many people seem to despise?

Police officers and sheriff’s deputies are far more likely to be named in this newspaper for acts of community service — and sometimes heroism — than for misbehavior. Many local residents notice that, we believe.

Holding the tiny minority of bad cops accountable is vital. But, as lagging interest in the profession, not just in Steubenville but also in many other communities, makes clear, standing behind the good ones is important, too. Good men and women should not be afraid to seek law enforcement jobs.


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