Preventing More Mass Murders

Exactly why the pitiful, sick weaklings who murdered 31 people in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, committed their horrific deeds may never be known.

But as always, the reaction has been calls that the government do more to prevent mass killings. Stricter gun control laws already have been suggested by some.

We doubt they would do any good. Homicidal maniacs will always find some way to kill. Doing more to find out what triggers their murderous impulses is imperative. Then, the debate over how to stop them can begin.

Among the very few things we know about mass murderers is that we know very little about them. What are the similarities between those who claim to be killing for racial reasons and those who admit they just do it for “thrills”? What, if anything, about their behavior should tip us off they are time bombs that have already started ticking?

And if we do learn the answers to those questions, what can we do about them without infringing upon the civil liberties all Americans enjoy?

It is far easier to blame an inanimate object — guns — than to undertake the difficult, soul-searching work outlined above. Until we as a nation make that commitment, however, the killings will continue.


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