Trooper Needs Public’s Prayers

Most West Virginians rely on sheriffs’ deputies and State Police to serve and protect us. We were reminded Monday of the risks they take and the sacrifices they — and their families — make.

As Pocahontas County Sheriff J.P. Barlow was preparing to investigate a vehicle crash, someone shot at him, then fled into the woods. Barlow was lucky. He was not hit.

State Police Trooper First Class Josh Tallman was among those responding and searching the woods for the suspect. He was not as lucky. The man, armed with a rifle, shot Tallman. The bullet entered his abdomen, just below his protective vest. Tallman shot and killed the assailant.

Fortunately, none of Tallman’s organs was hit. Still, he faces a long, difficult recovery. His wife and mother have asked for the public’s prayers.

They have them, of course. More West Virginians than the Tallmans can know are praying for him.


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