A-10 a Reminder Of Military Might

Welcome back, Maj. Alberts. And thank you.

As we reported, Wheeling native Jonathon “Cliffy” Alberts is now a major in the Maryland Air National Guard. On Thursday, he plans to bring an A-10 aircraft — popularly known as a “Warthog” — to the Wheeling-Ohio County Airport. He hopes to land between noon and 1 p.m., then be with the plane for a few hours to show it to local residents.

Alberts, now living in Baltimore, is a veteran of 104 combat missions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. He knows just how effective the A-10 is against ground targets.

His visit, a day after the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on America, is a reminder of the military might our nation fields against terrorists and regimes that host them. That power is something those who would harm Americans should think about.

So thank you, Maj. Alberts, for the visit. And thank you and the many other Americans who are our shield against evil.


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