A Day to Show Our Area Cares

How appropriate it is that today is an occasion of compassion and hope in our area. Eighteen years ago, on Sept. 11, 2001, a band of murderers massacred nearly 3,000 people in the United States. They wanted to strike terror into the hearts of Americans. They hoped 9/11 would be a date on which fear would be in our thoughts.

It is not so here in our area. Today is the annual Sandy O’Haver Day of Caring, coordinated by the United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley. Hundreds of volunteers are fanning out throughout our area to spend the day working for the United Way’s 32 local member agencies.

It also is the kickoff of the United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley annual fundraising campaign.

Thousands of people benefit from services provided by the 32 member agencies. They provide a variety of services — some of critical importance ­– to people of all ages. Check the online list of agencies at the United Way website: unitedwayuov.org. Click on the Agencies tab. While you are there, check the Community Stories tab to get an idea of how member agencies help people.

Today is of both concrete and symbolic importance. Work performed by the volunteers is of very real assistance to the agencies. At the same time, Day of Caring is a display of compassion by residents of our area. It also is a reminder that, even when people are involved in difficult circumstances, many United Way agencies offer them hope for the future.

For many years, Day of Caring has been held in September. Sometimes, as today, it falls on Sept. 11.

Today, some in our area will recall the horrific events of 18 years ago. But we also will note that evil has a way of being pushed out of the way by the good that is in human beings. It is on display today and will continue to be shown during the United Way’s fundraising campaign.

If you are interested in making a contribution to the United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley — and we hope you are — numerous opportunities will present themselves during the next few months. Many companies participate in the campaign, allowing employees to donate through payroll deductions. If you would like more information about the United Way, call the office in Wheeling, at 304-232-4625, or visit the website.


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