Environmentalism Can Save Money

One does not have to be a climate change alarmist to recognize that energy efficiency is a very good thing. Sometimes it materializes in places and ways most people would not imagine.

On Tuesday, East Ohio Regional Wastewater Authority officials and employees held a celebratory ribbon-cutting at their wastewater treatment plant in Bellaire. The occasion was completion of a $5.3 million improvement project which included an interesting upgrade.

The plant now produces its own electricity, through special equipment that captures and burns methane gas from sewage. In addition, the new plant “sequesters” about 1,700 tons of carbon dioxide each year.

And, the plant now produces biosolids that can be used safely as fertilizer.

Finally, the plant has the capacity to handle some solid waste from nearby communities. That can save them money.

Good for all involved for undertaking the project — which can save area residents money and help safeguard the environment.


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