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Renew Levy For Library

When Jefferson County voters were asked about a decade ago to approve a new property tax levy to support the public library in Steubenville, they responded enthusiastically. The issue passed by a margin of nearly two to one. When the levy was renewed in 2015, the results were even more conclusive, with the issue passing by a vote of 5,022-1,670.

Now, it is time for voters to renew the levy for another five years. We trust the result of a referendum on it, on the Nov. 5 election ballot, will reflect another overwhelming endorsement of the library.

Clearly, the library offers services in demand by the public throughout Jefferson County. More than 28,000 people hold library cards, indicating the facility is used widely.

Initially, in 2009, the levy was passed as a way to make up for declining state support of the library. Unfortunately, that situation has not changed. Local funding from the levy remains critical to operations at the library.

Early voting for the Nov. 5 election has begun. Whether Jefferson County voters make use of that excellent service or choose to go to the polls on Nov. 5, we encourage them to vote “for the levy.”

Doing so will ensure the library can continue to offer a variety of services and programs that are important to Jefferson County residents.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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