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Telling Us What We Need to Do

A study of our region’s economy including an action plan for the future may not be entirely pleasant reading. After all, if we already were on a sure path to prosperity, such research would not be required.

Good for the Wheeling Area Chamber of Commerce for partnering with the West Virginia University College of Business and Economics on such work.

As we reported Monday, chamber officials hope the study, to encompass both the Northern Panhandle and East Ohio, will lead to detailed recommendations.

One area of concern is what needs to be done to ensure the local workforce can capitalize on development such as the ethane cracker plant that may be built at Dilles Bottom.

It will not be cheap; chamber President Erikka Storch estimates the study may cost the chamber about $50,000.

But if the work gives us a specific action plan to make use of the strengths we already have, it will be money well spent.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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