Even One Vote Can Be Decisive

If you happen to be a friend of Justin Adkins and you stayed home on election day, Nov. 5, do not be surprised if he is a bit miffed at you.

Adkins was a candidate for village council in Empire, Jefferson County. He received 32 votes — but so did Diana Donahue. Board of Elections officials had to use a coin toss to decide who would take the seat on council — and Donahue won.

Just one more vote would have made Adkins the winner.

Close elections are a reminder of how important just a few votes can be. Ties, though rare, reinforce that every single ballot counts, especially in small towns where election-day totals can be in double or triple digits.

Voting is both a privilege and a responsibility. Too few people take it seriously. The next time you are asked to go to the polls, just ask Justin Adkins whether going to the polls is important.


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