Reauthorize Levy For Jefferson JVS

One issue on the ballot Tuesday in East Ohio should be an easy call for voters. It is proposed renewal of a 1-mill tax levy for the Jefferson County Joint Vocational School.

It is becoming increasingly clear that vocational education is a critical aspect of public schools. Residents of Jefferson, Belmont, Harrison and Carroll counties served by the JVS understood that in 2013 when they initiated the levy.

Use of the additional money by JVS officials ought to inspire confidence among voters. Proceeds have been put to good use in improving instructional equipment and facilities — and, importantly, maintaining the 40-year-old JVS building at Bloomingdale.

In addition to training high school students, the JVS offers several classes for adults. That, too, is important at a time when polishing existing skills and adding new ones is virtually mandatory for many in the workforce.

As JVS Superintendent Todd Phillipson has pointed out, regular funding for the school does not cover some needs, such as those for up-to-date equipment. Some projects “would not be possible without the levy,” he noted.

We encourage voters in the JVS area to say yes to renewal of the levy.


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