Resolve Police Chief Dispute

Questions about who should be chief of police in Bethesda have been lingering for more than two months. It is time to answer them, one way or another.

During their September meeting, village council members discussed appointing acting chief Pete Busack to the post permanently, but did not act on the matter. Last month, a motion to take that action was heard, but not seconded. And this week, council and some members of the public debated the question again.

It appears at least four members of council have serious reservations about Busack, to judge by a 4-2 vote against placing him in another probationary period. It also appears Busack has some support in the community; council members were told Tuesday that more than 100 people have signed a petition supporting him.

Do not expect council members to go into detail on their concerns about Busack. Lawyers usually warn against making such statements in public.

At some point a decision needs to be made on the police chief’s position. Council members should do that no later than their next regularly scheduled meeting.


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