Keep Prescription Medicines Secure

We’ve all heard the warnings about keeping prescription drugs secure in our homes. But too often, we ignore them. Our children wouldn’t take and use potentially dangerous drugs out of our medicine cabinets.

That may be what a Lewis County, W.Va., parent thought before Tuesday. On that day, ambulances lined up outside Lewis County High School in Weston, to take five freshman students to the hospital.

All five had exhibited strange behavior during the day. One lost consciousness, according to authorities investigating the situation.

It developed that the students had taken a prescription medicine either one of them or another had obtained at home and taken to school.

In addition to the five hospitalized students, others had taken the drug but exhibited no symptoms.

Fortunately, all five students who required treatment are expected to be all right. School officials say they will launch another campaign about poor choices by young people.

Who about poor choices by their parents and guardians?


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