Money Spent Wisely At Benwood Pool

Benwood officials were right to take the $2 million plunge to rehabilitate the municipal swimming pool, where work is nearing completion.

Initially, they had expected an $800,000 price tag for the project. A $400,000 grant from the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund made the plan a no-brainer.

But, as almost always seems to be the case, costs exploded once the plan and the old facility were given a closer look. Adding a “splash pad” to the project and installing what amounts to a new pool that is expected to last 40 years took the cost up to $2 million.

As we have written many times in the past, however, public pools are not luxuries here in the Ohio Valley. They save lives by keeping people from swimming in the river or in risky creeks or ponds.

The $2 million — about $1.6 million of it local funds — was spent wisely. City officials made a good investment both for the enjoyment and the safety of local residents.


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