Traffic Cameras Are Not Popular

Ohio Valley residents just do not like the idea of “Big Brother” watching them — or their motor vehicles. Once again, voters in an East Ohio community have said no to use of cameras to catch speeders.

East Liverpool officials had considered use of the cameras, but voters in a recent election made their displeasure clear. Only 604 voted in favor of using the cameras, with 1,506 against.

Something similar happened a few years ago in Steubenville. There, city officials had the cameras installed, then a judge declared they were illegal. To reinforce the message, voters approved a ballot measure invalidating the ordinance under which the cameras had been installed.

Ohio state legislators also have made it clear they do not like the idea of speed-monitoring cameras, which are used by some communities to generate cash for municipal budgets.

From time to time, local government officials are approached by companies offering to install and maintain speed cameras. Recent history demonstrates that the majority of motorists in our area view the idea as one on which the brakes should be applied.


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