Approve ‘Born Alive’ Measure

One argument made frequently regarding proposals for legislation has always puzzled us. It is that certain bills should be rejected because they allegedly duplicate statutes already on the books.

Some critics of a measure in the West Virginia State Senate, the “born alive” bill, resorted to that complaint. The measure, officially Senate Bill 4007, would penalize physicians who do not provide medical care to babies born alive after attempted abortions.

But, some said, West Virginia already has laws against murder, which is what not attempting to save a newborn baby would amount to.

That argument was persuasive to North Carolina’s governor last year. He vetoed a “born alive” bill.

West Virginia state senators used their common sense by approving the bill in a 32-0 vote. Why not? What can it hurt?

Nothing, of course. It merely reinforces Mountain State residents’ reverence for life. House of Delegates members should approve, too.


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