Tackle Proliferation Of Roadside Signs

There are certain areas of Wheeling where trash tossed out car and truck windows is not a problem — or at least not a noticeable one. That is because forests of small knee-level signs make it difficult to spot the litter.

City officials may try to do something about that. Planning Commission members discussed potential new municipal rules on such signs last week.

Regulations cannot cover private property, of course. And, as was pointed out during last week’s meeting, they cannot discriminate for or against any particular type of sign. Those we see frequently range from store promotions to election campaign exhortations, from special event notices to offerings to perform services. Banning one type and not others would raise freedom of speech issues.

Still, we encourage city officials to tackle the issue — before political campaigning gets into full swing, if possible.

Surely there must be some fair method of eliminating or at least minimizing the unsightly signs. They are not a good look for Wheeling.


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