Begin Planning For Later W.Va. Election

By May 12, COVID-19 may be no more than a very bad memory in West Virginia. If so, voters in our state will be able to go to the polls for the primary election scheduled for that date.

State officials continue to plan for the primary to be held as scheduled. As matters stand, that may not be prudent, however.

If they have not done so already, Gov. Jim Justice, Secretary of State Mac Warner and state legislators should begin planning for a primary election later this summer.

That may require calling the Legislature back into session. Unless we miss our guess, that will be necessary for other reasons.

May 12 still is some time away. Things could change dramatically between now and then. But state officials should not find themselves in the position Ohio did, with in-person balloting called off the evening before it was to begin, without having a plan in place.


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