Charitable Groups Will Need Aid, Too

Even during normal times, many among us rely on non-profit charities for the essentials of life. Help provided ranges from the very stuff of life — blood provided by the Red Cross — to essentials including food, shelter and clothing. In addition, there are charities that provide help for children and others with disabilities, others that offer medical care to those who cannot afford it and still more than provide a variety of assistance.

The list goes on and on.

So does the list of trials and travails being faced by many charitable organizations. A substantial number of them are able to help only because of endowments created to ensure they have ongoing support.

But as is the case with many investments such as 401K accounts that many Americans rely on for retirement, the charities have taken a hit, too. That affects them severely for two reasons: First, many are coping with unexpected expenses because of the COVID-19 epidemic. Second, investment income they had hoped to rely on for normal operations in the future is being drained away.

Some, such as the Red Cross, need more than money. Cancellation of blood drives throughout the country has left the Red Cross short on blood needed desperately by victims of injury and illness. If you learn of an opportunity to give blood and you are able to do that, please do. Now, even more than in normal times, you may save a life.

Non-profits in need of financial help will require it both now and in the future. Worried about your own finances, you may not feel it prudent to make a donation now. Please, however, consider doing so once COVID-19 has been beaten.

Those who rely on the charities will need our help then, too.


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