Protecting Fellow West Virginians

In revealing last night that West Virginia has our first confirmed case of COVID-19, in the Eastern Panhandle, Gov. Jim Justice reminded us that we have the power to beat the coronavirus.

“Our power to combat this disease is our power to stay apart,” the governor explained. By that, he meant that maintaining a safe distance from other people — most experts recommend six feet — makes it difficult for COVID-19 to spread.

Also, practicing good personal hygiene through actions such as not touching others, washing hands frequently and disinfecting surfaces such as door knobs is important.

“We’re all in this boat together,” Justice noted. Precisely. Many people who are carrying COVID-19 show few or no symptoms — but can transmit it to others who may die from the disease.

West Virginians have a tradition of looking out for one another. Doing that now — even if our own health does not indicate any problem — is imperative. This is “a once in all our lives event,” the governor noted. All of us need to understand that and respond accordingly.


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