Thanks, National Guard Members

A shipment of badly needed health care supplies was delivered to Wheeling on Tuesday, by members of the West Virginia National Guard. Bless them for doing what they always do when we need them: They step up and serve.

No doubt the men and women of the Guard will undertake many other important tasks while the Mountain State battles COVID-19. Their efforts will make an enormous different. In all likelihood, they will help health care professionals save lives.

Understand this: Members of the Guard are making big sacrifices. While they are serving us, they are away from their own families. And simply because of what they are doing, they place themselves at greater risk for contracting the virus.

We owe them a debt of gratitude — and we need to provide them and their families with the best possible protection against COVID-19.

Next only to health care professionals, men and women serving in the Guard and first responders such as law enforcement and firefighters need to be kept healthy. We’re going to need them all.


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