Volunteers Need To Be Coordinated

You want to help people around you who are in need, for whatever reason, during the coronavirus epidemic. But how?

As noted in the editorial above, we believe firmly that many local residents are willing and able to volunteer their time to deliver meals to children, buy groceries for older people or do anything else that may be necessary to keep everyone safe. What is needed is an entity, either local government or private, to coordinate the efforts.

Each county in our area should have such a clearinghouse to identify needs and resources to meet them.

Easier said than done, of course. But surely the resourceful people of the Northern Panhandle and East Ohio can find a way to accomplish it — without being tied up in bureaucratic red tape.

County commissions may be a good place to start, at least to formulate a plan. That needs to be done quickly. We urge commissioners throughout our area to consider it.


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