Don’t Be Litterbug In West Virginia

Apparently, sloppiness is a side-effect of COVID-19 in West Virginia. Division of Highways crews have noticed an increase in the amount of litter being thrown out vehicle windows to land beside our roads, state Transportation Secretary Byrd White reported a couple of days ago.

White expressed concern for the DOH workers who have to pick up the roadside trash. Some of it may have been handled by people carrying the COVID-19 virus.

Yes, that is a worry. COVID-19 can remain on surfaces for many hours.

But even if contagion was not a concern, litterbugs are objectionable. They make our country roads less appealing — sometimes downright ugly.

Come on, now. Keep the trash in your car or truck. Bag it up and put out for the garbage collection crew. It isn’t hard.

Keeping West Virginia healthy is turning out to be a demanding task. Keeping the Mountain State clean is not nearly as difficult — so let’s do it.


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