Updating W.Va. Data More Often

COVID-19 ‘s march through West Virginia appears to be picking up speed. At last report, there were 162 confirmed cases of the disease in our state, with one woman dead of it.

But “last report” was Tuesday evening. The state Department of Health and Human Resources continues to update its COVID-19 website — dhhr.wv.gov/COVID-19 — just once a day.

Not infrequently, Mountain State residents have been aware of new cases in our counties for hours before the state website is updated. News outlets usually post such information from county health departments as soon as it is released.

Battling COVID-19 medically — and that includes government action to limit the spread of the disease — is the top priority, of course. But keeping people informed regularly is important, too.

It may be impractical for the DHHR to keep the website accurate in real time. But more frequent updates ought to be provided. Surely state government can spare one or two people to accomplish that.


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