Elect Tabit To High Court

West Virginia voters will elect three justices to the state Supreme Court on June 9, though, because of the COVID-19 epidemic, many will use the absentee ballot system to make their choices before then.

The clear choice in the Division 2 Supreme Court race is Joanna I. Tabit.

She is widely respected in her profession because of her concern for fairness, regardless of whether that benefits a defendant or a prosecutor, a plaintiff or someone being sued. That philosophy has been demonstrated during her tenure as a circuit court judge in Kanawha County. Previously, during 28 years as an attorney, she gained notice for her dedication and skill.

Tabit has emphasized repeatedly that one of her top priorities is making the law work for the people of West Virginia. As she noted during a visit to Wheeling, “This is about the people, not the politics. I’m not a politician.”

That very fact has gained her support from many West Virginians with diverse priorities and interests. She has been endorsed by both business and labor groups — and that says much about her belief that the law should serve justice, not special interests of any kind.

High ethical standards are another priority for Tabit. An example is in her philosophy regarding when a justice should recuse herself or himself from a case, because of conflicts of interest. Now, that decision is up to the justice. Tabit thinks the full state Supreme Court should be able to review recusal decisions.

Perhaps the most telling comment on Tabit involves several occasions when justices did recuse themselves from cases. She was selected to fill in for them, demonstrating sitting justices’ confidence in her knowledge of the law, dedication — and fairness.

We endorse Tabit and recommend that West Virginia voters cast their ballots for her in state Supreme Court Division 2.


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