Find, Punish State Benefits Cheaters

State officials have had to deal with an avalanche of West Virginians seeking unemployment compensation during the past several weeks, because of business restrictions linked to the COVID-19 epidemic. It appears a number of low-lifes attempted to capitalize on the confusion.

Some of them don’t even live in our state.

WorkForce West Virginia officials explain that, “People are stealing other folks’ identities and filing (fraudulent) claims.” Several hundred such situations appear to exist. Some originate from computers in other states or even outside the United States.

State and federal law enforcement agencies are working to identify and, we assume, arrest the culprits. If you know of someone committing unemployment compensation fraud, report it by calling 1-800-379-1032 (option six).

The human slime attempting to steal money intended for jobless West Virginians ought to be arrested, prosecuted — and jailed.


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