Voting Really Is Important

Perhaps you were preoccupied with other things and simply forgot to request the mail-in absentee ballot you intended to use for the Tuesday primary election in West Virginia.

Well, you reasoned, the early voting system was available. But that ended Saturday — and you missed it, too.

You have one more chance, on Tuesday. Polling places for the election open at 6:30 a.m. and do not close until 7:30 p.m. That should be plenty of time for you to take care of anything else that needs done during the day, and still cast a ballot in person.

But we already know who the Republican and Democratic candidates for president will be, don’t we? So why should you bother to vote in the primary election?

Because, as we have pointed out numerous times, results in many races on the primary ballot will be final. Winners will take office.

In each Northern Panhandle county, there are judicial offices on the ballot. They include three of the five members of the state Supreme Court.

Each county will be electing members of its board of education, too. Want better schools? Then go to the polls and elect people to make it happen.

Also Tuesday, Brooke County voters will determine the fate of a proposed tax levy to support the 911 emergency communications center.

Here in Ohio County, voters in both Wheeling and Bethlehem will be electing mayors and city council members.

Tuesday’s election is important, very directly, to you. If you are a registered voter who has not cast a ballot yet, make time to do so tomorrow.


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