Delay Is Prudent

Rest assured there will be claims of “voter suppression” throughout the country in the wake of the Nov. 3 election. For that reason, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose was smart to announce last week that about 120,000 inactive voter registrations will be purged — after the election.

Both state and federal law require such cleanups, which will affect registered voters who have not cast ballots in six years or more. In this case, as LaRose noted, those affected can stay on registration lists merely by voting on Nov. 3.

Those who remain on the inactive list will be removed from voter rolls beginning Dec. 7, LaRose said.

Good. Keeping people who have not voted in some time on registration lists, perhaps because they have died or moved, is an invitation to election irregularities. Still, delaying the purge until after the election was prudent.


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