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Moving Marina Project Forward

It has been said that fortune favors the brave. So it seems to be for proponents of improvements to the old marina area along Steubenville’s waterfront.

It may be recalled that not everyone in city government was optimistic about the project last year. Some city officials worried the municipal budget could not cover all the work needed at the marina.

Fortunately, the cost of extending water lines to part of the marina area is being covered by $160,000 in state grants. City officials’ good fortune has been that bids for the initial work came in far lower than expected, at about $87,000.

That leaves $73,000 to extend the water line another 250 feet to the south end of the marina.

As city Councilwoman-at-large Kimberly Hahn noted, water line work is “just one step” in redeveloping the marina area. Much more remains to be done before the waterfront can serve as a center for recreational activities.

COVID-19 has made the future uncertain in many ways, not excepting local government finances. Still, the marina project is worth pursuing. City officials should continue seeking grants for it — and perhaps in finding some local money to move the marina forward.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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