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Renew Existing Shadyside Levies

As we have pointed out many times, local issues and candidates on election ballots are more important in some ways than national races. So it will be during the Nov. 3 general election in Shadyside.

There, village council members agreed in July to place two tax levy questions on the Nov. 3 ballot. Both seek renewals of existing levies — not new taxing authority.

Because levies are to be renewed, voter approval will not mean higher taxes. It will result only in existing tax rates staying on the books.

Both levies are for current expenses, meaning they support day-to-day operations of local government in Shadyside. Without money from the levies, services now provided by the village would have to be reduced, possibly substantially.

We encourage Shadyside voters to recognize the importance of the two levy renewals — and vote in favor of them. Again, approval will not result in tax increases. On the other hand, rejection could have unpleasant effects felt by every Shadyside resident.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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