The Intelligencer Service Endures

Among lessons learned from COVID-19 is that information, strong leadership and a sense of community are vital in times of trial. We at The Intelligencer have lots of experience in providing all three.

Today is our 168th birthday. Your newspaper was published first on Aug. 24, 1852.

Since then we have recorded events of enormous consequence: a civil war, creation of our new state, battles for racial and gender equality, a global depression, two world wars followed quickly by the Korean War, then the divisive upheaval of Vietnam. And, of course, the influenza epidemic of 1918 was reported on our pages.

Now comes another pandemic and with it, another demonstration of the critical role of our newspaper.

Our reporters ferret out the truth and, in ways much changed since 1852, get it to our readers during a time when facts can be the difference between life and death. Our focus, as always, has been on keeping readers up to speed on local news, including our communities’ experiences in battling the coronavirus.

Leadership also is vital. Our heritage at The Intelligencer is one of challenging ideas we believe do not serve our communities well and suggesting alternatives. Our allegiance is reserved to our readers, not special interests or rigid ideologies. At the same time, our pages attempt to present a wide range of viewpoints. We believe you want facts and opinions on them — not force-fed diets of political correctness from anywhere on the ideological spectrum.

We strive to bind our communities and people in them together rather than adding to divisiveness. We provide a forum where ideas can be discussed, we hope, without rancor.

Perhaps even more important, our stories and pictures of local people and their activities are reminders that even those with whom we disagree are people much like us, coping with tribulations, celebrating victories and always striving to protect those we love and build promising futures for children and grandchildren.

For months, there has been discussion of what the future “new normal” holds. For our part, we plan to continue serving our readers in the best ways we can, just as we have for 168 years. Today, then, we invite you to join us in wishing ourselves a happy birthday.


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