Time to Speak Up

Editor, News-Register:

I am going to lay my cards on the table up front. I am a strong conservative Republican; I am not sure what right-wing means, but I suspect that you could also call me that. This letter is addressed to all my Democrat friends, who I love dearly.

To start, I am a vet who served in the U.S. Air Force in the ’60s. I was fortunate enough to not have to serve where the bullets were flying, but the Cold War was a special kind of war for some of us. I still shudder at the thoughts of what could have happened. Several times I was on alert pad duty at Kadena Air Force Base, Okinawa. I would stand there looking up at the pilot of my F-100 Super Sabre (I was crew chief), waiting for him to give me the sign. If he said no (commonly referred to as a sign given by making the slashing the throat movement), then all was well and this was just a drill. We would cover the airplane up and go back to bed, while waiting for the next drill. But — if the pilot gave the thumbs-out sign, it meant pull the wheel chocks and he was going to take off.

While standing there waiting for the sign, my heart would pound so hard, I thought it would jump out of my skin. You see, if it was thumbs-out, then I knew this was the start of World War III and billions, not millions, of people were about to die. Yes, I and a bunch of us old f—-ts today paid a price, but to live in peace and enjoying life as we knew it back then was a great thing, and we were proud to do it.

So, the question we ask today is why are the Democrat leaders and the major news media people trying so hard to change us into a socialistic society? This has never worked anywhere in the world. So why do they think they can make it work here? I guess they think they are smarter than the millions who came before them, or they want something else.

I realize that my Democratic friends are intelligent and smart people, but they have become the silent majority in their party. Ask yourself: What has the news media got to gain by supporting the lunatics at the head of the Democratic Party? Makes for a good question. The media moguls live and die on power, and money is power. Think about it. If they are successful in making us a socialistic society, then people will lose their jobs, as stores will not be able to sell enough goods, since the people are making less money to spend, especially on those luxury items. Soon, the stores will have to shut down. Once that happens, who will buy the media advertisements, which is the money the media makes and uses for power. So, it seems the media are the big losers, as well as the people.

I know most of my Democratic friends are saying they are not happy with what is happening, and how the mews media won’t tell the truth and especially about this swing toward socialism and all the violence. The media has taken to interpreting the news as they see it, instead of reporting it and letting their customer base make up their own minds.

Well, here is what you can do, you silent majority Democrats. Try listening to another news channel — a conservative channel, for once. It’s not going to taint you and make you a bad person. I am not saying you have to listen to it every day, but once in a while during these turbulent times will do you a world of good. I am also saying you don’t have to become a Republican. Simply put: Get another view.

Now, for how to fight this movement by the left-wing liberals such as AOC and her radical friends. As I mentioned, first turn the news dial, read a different paper, but most of all, talk to your friends and decide on a game plan that suits you and your desired style of life. Don’t let Pelosi and Schumer and the news media dictate your new lifestyle. I can assure you, you won’t like it once it is forced upon you. Come on, silent Democrats, speak up.

William Blair



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