Getting Vaccine To the Vulnerable

Just as health care professionals have needed help in battling COVID-19, they will require assistance in protecting the public through distribution of a vaccine against the disease. Gov. Jim Justice has taken an important step in that regard.

It is not known precisely when a safe, effective vaccine will be available. That could occur later this year or early in 2021.

Pharmaceuticals manufacturers already know that even after researchers find a good formula or formulas for a vaccine, it will take time to produce the tens of millions of doses needed to safeguard those most vulnerable to the virus. Once the supply is available, distribution will become a challenge.

Justice has told the West Virginia National Guard to begin preparations to assist in that task. A task force composed of National Guard and state Bureau of Public Health representatives has been formed.

As soon as members of that group can identify what is needed to distribute the vaccine quickly and efficiently, Justice should authorize state resources for the purpose. They need to be in place before they are needed.


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