‘Rubberneck Tour’ Should Go Ahead

For nearly half a century, the annual “Rubberneck Tour” has been popular with both Belmont County residents and visitors to the area. This year, Belmont County Tourism officials have decided not to hold the event.

They are quite right to be concerned about how COVID-19 could affect people taking the tour. And, as they have pointed out, many of those who had planned special events and activities linked to the tour have canceled them because of the epidemic.

Still, the tour was established originally as a scenic drive. It evolved into a drive linking various special activities.

Why not go back to the event’s roots and make it a driving-only tour? Tourism officials could provide maps to guide motorists, along with recommendations to stay in one’s vehicle and enjoy the sights. By Oct. 11, when the tour was scheduled, there should be plenty of them to see in and around Belmont County.

If anything, the epidemic calls for just the sort of thing the Rubberneck Tour was in the beginning. Tourism Council officials should consider adapting and offering it this year.


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