Settle GC&P Controversy

Wheeling City Council members should make clear their position on the GC&P Development proposal as soon as possible — certainly before the end of the year. For all concerned, the matter has dragged on long enough already.

Blame COVID-19 for much of the delay in action by the Wheeling Planning Commission. Having been asked well over a year ago to make a decision on GC&P Development, panel members appear to have moved both deliberately and as quickly as the epidemic permitted.

GC&P Development officials cannot proceed with their mix-use project atop a hill overlooking the Woodsdale neighborhood without an amendment to Wheeling’s 2014 comprehensive development plan. The planning commission is the first stop for anyone seeking such a change.

Planning commission members voted Monday night against recommending such an amendment.

Technically, because the commission did not make a recommendation, council could simply ignore the matter. But the buck on most things municipal stops with council, so its members should at least make it clear whether they agree or disagree with the planning commission.

That could be accomplished through a simple motion to discuss the issue. A “no” vote by most council members would make it clear they agree with the planning commission. On the other hand, agreement to discuss the issue could leave it open for future consideration.

Settling the GC&P issue is important to both the developers and residents of the affected neighborhoods of Wheeling. Council can do that, or at least make members’ positions clear.

Controversy over the proposal has dragged on long enough. Council should end it as soon as possible.


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